Why The Contradiction?

Cancer – Leo Cusp

By: Xstrology Scopes

As you are reading this, I hope you are sitting down, otherwise you might get dizzy. I stress that the Fire and Water elements just do NOT mix. Other than the obvious first grade science reason, in terms of astrology, the combination of these two signs is like a bomb waiting to go off. The fire with in the Leo is often quelled if not completely decimated by the water of Cancer. Sometimes they do not know if they are coming or going, turned on or turned off. This is probably why many refer to this combination as the cusp of “oscillation”. By definition this cusp is always in a state of fluctuation.

Now I know that was a harsh opener but come on, we are friends here – family even. We should be honest with each other, warts and all. This cusp needs our help, needs our support and more importantly – A LOT OF PATIENCE! I write these words with all the love in my heart. These are good people, don’t ever get that twisted; it’s just sometimes, they are so very hard to understand or even keep up with. Their mood swings faster than the speed of light and could very well get volatile in extremes. They have no sense of movement in this grand affair we call life. Physical, emotional, mental or even spiritual… it is all the same to them, one motion and all progress. Hell as I write this for you, I have a bottle of Jack Daniels and a shot glass. My shot glass is still clean but the bottle is half empty.

Obviously you can tell by my tone that I am amazed by this combination. Of course we all know about cusps to some degree but as I dug deeper to write these articles for you, this one just hits you in the heart. Now Cancer/Leo cusps out there, I am not criticizing you. I know you can be rather sensitive to that but really I am not. I admire your spontaneity, your grace and your passion but I implore you find a way to keep all of that effervescence while being somewhat stable. You have so much life within you; everyone should know it, let alone feel it. It is bubbly and forceful, you are a challenge and thank the Universe you are a pleasurable one.

I would be the first one to say that stable is over rated, life needs to be lived. Cancer/Leo cusps, you would agree with that. Your passion is damn near unmatched and your generosity can not be beat. You are fair, fiercely loyal and the one person everyone needs in their corner. In that same breath you will hold a grudge whether you are really slighted or not. It is absolutely admirable but your ideas of tradition and your tendency to be self centered can actually push people away from you. But then you are sometimes so sensitive that those same people might be afraid to talk to you, about anything.

Some of you born into this combination might already know that, strive to prevent it. You love your friends, family and anyone you deem worthy enough to let close. You may even depend on them to help keep you balanced maybe even keep you confident. You often times forget your true worth and that just isn’t right. You are every bit as warm and affectionate as your Leo fire sign is. There is no need to ever give in to the cool and detached nature that often comes with your Cancer energy. If anyone would have a hard time finding the balance between their opposites it would be a Fire/Water but it can be done. You just have to work a little harder.  Below are ten of your traits:

1) You like tradition. You have a lot of pride for your ancestral past. You like to know where you came from so you know where you will be going.

2) The Cancer energy in you agrees with your Leo energy when it comes to family. You are nurturing, they are likely nurturing and there is a lot of love and care in your inner circle.

3) You are truly the Lion (or Lioness) defending their pride. Let someone try to hurt a loved one and you are having a bad day already… try to give them a running start before you pounce. It is only polite.

4) You have an excellent sense of organization and are very dependent. If you are working on something, you will always see it through to completion. You work ethic is often inspiring to some.

5) Though you are emotional, you can be rather sensitive and that is thanks to your Cancer energy and its affinity with the moon. Do not forget that you are also part Leo, the sun shines brightly on you.

6) Being that you represent both sun and moon, night and day – you have this unbelievable way of understanding life. You see so much in the details that many people overlook.

7) Pleasure is something you find very important. Sex is awesome, shopping is good and looking in the mirror is even better.

8) Speaking of pleasure, wow can you cook!  Can I come over for dinner?

9) You like fantasy. You imagine yourself wearing the many hats of life. Your imagination is strengthen by your cancer energy; it fuels your drive that is strengthened by your Leo energy and gives you that boost to explore all life has to offer. You are the one that jumps head first into anything worthwhile.

10) This combination can always top the charts in romance, generosity, creativity and devotion.

You want to hug them, give them a puzzle or buy them a puppy… you want to keep them happy. Because you know if they are not happy, there will be hell to pay. They are every bit as vibrant and strong as the sun but so very ambitious and plagued by tunnel vision. If they can take the time to understand they are stronger than they think and truly genius at what they do, they can destroy the shell and live freely. All the while still in control, still holding all the cards. All of you Libra/Scorpions and Capricorn/Aquarians hold on tight. Life will be good; you will never have a dull moment.

Did that answer your question?


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2 thoughts on “Why The Contradiction?

  1. This really helped, everything in here dawg like legit EVERYTHING you said I nodded my head too and even laughed. Being a teen it’s SO fucking hard especially being this cusp . Im gonna come back here a lot just to boost myself up

    • I’m glad it helped you dawg….lol…I kid, I kid! But, no seriously, I’m stoked that you got something out of this. It was right on for me too, Although, I believe, I have more cancer than leo in my being.

      My teen years were hard for me as well. I was so misunderstood and I had morals at such a young age that my peers weren’t even close to worrying about.

      I know as cancers we can get in our head a lot and think wayyy too much! Many times siking ourselves out of things that we know is meant for us good or bad, wrong or right. Its the shyness holding us back, its the intense emotion that we know we’re prone to having holding us back, its that fear of getting hurt that will hold us back, and we fear hurt because the one thing we excel at is feeling. And who in there right mind wants to chance a heartache???

      Hurt will hit us more intensely than any other zodiac, happiness will hit us more intensely than any other zodiac, love with consume us more intensely than any other zodiac. We feel more than anything, and in most conversations we’ll say, “I feel….”

      The thing with being a cusp though is that the leo inside will come out every now and then, and if we’re not in control of our emotions, which is possible to learn with age, we will exude aggression good and bad!

      We’re intense people….but it makes for an intense ride, an intense life, and an intense love….

      We’re so worth the intensity though…so worth it!

      Thanks for visiting “What A ButterCusp!” and taking time out to read my blog.

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