What’s a Butter-Cusp?

Butter-Cusp Originated from my nickname Butter-Cup given to me by grandma when I was an infant. I have so many nicknames; Candy Cane, Red, Candy Red, Candalosa, Canna, Runaway, among many others I don’t think I’d like to share!

It’s something in the nickname Butter-Cup I tell you. It makes me feel sweeter than I actually am, loved, nurtured, it takes me back to when I was a little girl begging and pleading to my grandma, “Please stop calling me Butter-Cup grandma it’s embarrassing.” Eventually I accepted my nickname and to this very day its literally a house hold name, and my very own sweet retreat.

Now to the Cusp side of things. I’ve always been fascinated with Astrology. For some reason I’ve kept that somewhat of a secret, but I guess it’s not anymore huh? It’s not something I try or want to believe in, but if you’ve read your sign, or compared the signs to people you know, it’s astonishing, startling, yet disturbing, and bothersome at how accurate they tend to be.

A Cusp is when someone is born on the last hours of their sun sign’s phase. For example, you can be born on April 19th (last day of Aries) and have the cusp of Taurus because Taurus phase reigns the following day. Time zones vary worldwide, so this may also give you the influence of your cusp sign- in this case, you’d have both traits of Aries and Taurus. It’s kind of like having 2 signs. So basically, people born on the last day of a sun sign’s phase, will also have the influence of the next following sign.

Yours truly happen to fall under this unique class. I’m a Cancer/Leo Cusp, or shall I say Water and Fire Cusp, so you can only imagine how hard it can be for people to understand or keep up with me.

With Butter-cup being somewhat of a reminder of the sweet, fun, loving, and charismatic person I’ am, I didn’t want to take away from it, so I added the “s” to turn cup into cusp, to acknowledge my challenging side. Lucky for you I’m feeling compelled to share, or shall I say warn that I’ am one sarcastic Butter-Cusp.

“You have so much life within you; everyone should know it, let alone feel it. It is bubbly and forceful, you are a challenge and thank the Universe you are a pleasurable one.” – Xstrology



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