The ABC’s of Life

Take the A-and ACCEPT the challenge
The B- and BELIEVE in ourselves
The C- CONVERT our thoughts into hopes
The D- the DETERMINATION to convert our hopes into dreams
We should E- EXPECT some obstacles on the way up
And F- FIGHT while we’re faithful and finish the course
We should G-get GOD on our side
And H-have a HARVEY model of leadership
We should I- INSPIRE someone else
And J- take JESUS on our journey
We should K- KEEP on keeping on
And L- be a LEADER
We should M- MAKE everyday count
And N- NEVER give up!
We must O- OVERCOME our obstacles
And P- PUT our best foot forward
We must Q- QUIT quitting
And R- RUN the race with patience
We must S- STRIVE on
While T- TRUSTING in The Lord
We should U- USE our talents
And V- VALUE our time
We should W- WAIT for understanding
And X- X-RAY our own lifestyles
We should Y- YEARN to achieve all that we seek
And Z- be ZEALOUS when reaching the top!

Harvey model of leadership: Think about not what is, but what could be.


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