They are making a MOCKERY out of this video because it is a message they don’t want us to hear. WE are MAGNIFICENT in our own right, they know that…BUT they don’t want you to know that! They don’t want you to believe that, OR to believe in YOU…..the mission is to discourage….and Pastor Jamal Bryant believes that…better yet he knows…his belief carries on through his voice…he gives you that tremble you can’t ignore!!! (This video went viral with the title -THESE HOES AIN’T LOYAL-). AND yes, he said it…but they are using that line to discredit him as a pastor and his sermon as a whole. EVERYONE KNOWS HE SAID THAT LINE….But what did they tell you about the full sermon??? Nothing….I’m sure because the moment they heard that the pastor said “These hoes ain’t loyal”….they say he took it to far, they skip over it, they laughed at it, they ignored it, they talked about it without thinking twice about clicking play on the video to watch his sermon. EVERYTHING HE SAID WAS MEANT TO BE HEARD….SO LISTEN!

For our struggle to be so cut throat………..somebody somewhere higher up know our true history…we are the true Hebrew Israelite…Deuteronomy 28:68 And the Lord shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen, and no man shall buy you… take that and remember the slave ships our ancestors were brought in….we’re the day ones…we’re ROYALS….and what do people do when their trying to take over, jealous,envious, spiteful….everything in their power to humiliate you, discredit you, break you down, lock you up & throw away the key, and the list goes on and our people feed into it….IF THEY ONLY KNEW THOUGH…the ENEMY did his job very well, but it will never take away from our importance…his job is to keep us down… my mind….that makes him a slave to us! So who really holds the true power?

And if your nose is still turned up to clicking play on this video….well take a look below…I typed it out for you….because everyone should know, “LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION”

MESSAGE TO OUR BLACK WOMEN: Starting at mark 8:14

“When they cannot destroy BLACK MEN, watch this, the next target is to go after black women let me see if I can help you very carefully so the fastest growing prison population is no longer black men. The fastest growing prison population is young black girls between the ages of 18 and 35, not for violent charges y’all not talking back to me but for refusing to testify against their men. They’ve figured out if I can’t get the men, let me arrest the baby mama, the kids, y’all ain’t talking back to me, let me arrest whoever lives in the house, well if that is true why does your investigation only stop at green mount but doesn’t go to green spring? There’s got to be something that suggest the law has got to be imperial, look at your neighbors and say, “Their after our daughters.” And so you’ll notice the attack now has shifted on young black girls. So we’ve got a greater spents, watch this, we have a greater number of young black lesbians than we do of young black male homosexuals y’all ain’t talking back to me and becoming younger and younger in the 8th grade in the 6 grade in the 9th grade but I came to tell the devil you are a liar you will not be able to hold our daughters back. The attack now has shifted from our sons, to now on our daughters; because the enemy understands I cannot kill the black woman because this goes outside of the bounds of warfare the only thing I can do to a woman, watch this, if I cannot kill her, is to kill her imagination. So most black women who are in the sanctuary will not testify to you that they have suffered more emotional abuse than physical abuse, they have gone through so much in their life to try to mess with their mind, they had to fight just to have an imagination. The enemy wants them just to settle and maintain, and pay bills, and just  take care of kids but god said there’s a greater dream over your life than paying B, G, and E, (Baltimore Gas and Electric), student loans, VISA,  and wiping a baby’s diaper. There’s an anointing over your life and I refuse to let the enemy take your imagination. Why is the enemy after black women’s imaginations and dreams? Be seated please I want to show you something very quickly. Why is the enemy after black women’s imagination and dreams.  Last week I posted something on Instagram I want to share with you and this is what god gave to me here it is “LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION” y’all dismissed that let me give it to y’all again. “LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION” Every sister all to be writing that down right now “LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION” Ever super bad sister in the sanctuary would you say it out loud. “LITTLE GIRLS WITH DREAMS BECOME WOMEN WITH VISION” So the enemy will attack a woman in her season of dreams to defer her from becoming a woman with vision. Every woman in the sanctuary can remember a life defining moment when something happened to you that made you adjust or dummy down your dream. Y’all not talking back to me. Mama got sick, you had to take care of the family, children came prematurely, somebody broke your heart, promises weren’t never fulfilled, friends stabbed you in the back, the scholarship didn’t come through, you had to be taken out of private school, you moved to a different location, you kept getting emotional setbacks, FOR YOU TO HAVE A DREAM WITH EVERYTHING YOU BEEN THROUGH IN YOUR LIFE THROWS IN THE FACE OF THE ADVERSARY TO LET HIM KNOW YOU TRIED TO KILL ME, BUT YOU DIDN’T KILL MY DREAM. I need every sister in the sanctuary if you been through hell and back, but you still got a dream you ought to give GOD glory!!! They can’t kidnap your dream, They cannot kid nap your dream, they cannot abduct your imagination.”

MESSAGE TO OUR BLACK MEN: Starting at the 14:09 mark

The bible says a man that finds a wife finds favor with the lord. Most men in the absence of a good woman only has good ideas. Ya’ll just missed that, alright let me give it to you again, I said most men if they are absent of having a good woman in their life all they have Is good ideas. But in the company of a godly woman an idea becomes a dream any man, watch this, any man who does not have a wife, watch this, is running on grace, im gone let that sync in. any man who does not have a wife is running on grace BECAUSE you don’t get favor until the wife comes. Alright. An anointed woman of GOD, im get ready to help, brothers im hooking you up, an anointed woman of GOD isn’t dreaming about a man, an anointed woman of GOD, watch this, is not dreaming about a man, watch this, an anointed woman of GOD dreams for her man! Yall aint talking back to me, so when she’s really connected to who you are. She begins to dream about what she sees you accomplishing, what she sees you becoming, and you with your silly self go run off with a side chick who don’t have no anointing. Here is the problem with Pilate, be seated, the problem with Pilate, watch this, is the problem with a lot of men. The problem with Pilate, is the problem with a lot of men, is he didn’t know what he had. Had Pilate listened to the woman he had, y’all aint talking back to me his life would have been better. Because he didn’t listed to the woman of GOD he ended up losing his job, ended up in exile, being kicked out of the palace, and ended up committing suicide. If you got enough confidence to not be insecure and threatened about the woman GOD sent you. When she speaks, she is speaking from the voice of GOD for what she see’s over your life.


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