Laws Against Sagging Pants Signal Sagging 1st and 14th Amendment Rights by Liz Prisley

Matter of Cause

via Daily Mail via Daily Mail

As someone very fond of my freedom to express myself, I’m disgusted by recent legislation making sagging pants illegal.  The latest in these laws has just passed in the Louisiana Parrish of Jefferson Davis.  Private individuals can now be fined $50 for sagging their pants below their waist and exposing any skin or undergarments.  For any subsequent offense of the same “crime” it’s $100.  New Jersey and Florida counties have similar laws.

I’m incensed that my government is trying to control my clothing and my freedom to dress how I wish.  Although, frankly, this law is not aimed at me.  I highly doubt that a white woman wearing low-riding pants well below her physical waistline, with the top of her lacy underwear hanging out, would be fined at the same rate as a young black man sagging his pants and exposing his boxers.  So not only is this law…

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