Kayne West on the Breakfast Club…….WOW!

This Man Said…

If you look at an interview from me from 10 years ago everybody says I love that interview, people didn’t love it back then though cause I was speaking into the future I’m 10 years ahead mentally and I’m trapped in todays time and every now and then I crack you a smile for 2013 but I’m cracking you a frown for 2023 and I’m focused on what its going to be just mark my words as I am Kanye West you’ve seen my execution………

Did I not become the biggest rockstar on the planet?
Did I not influence all musicians?
Did I not go and get the exact girl that I wanted?
Did I not start my family?
Did I not ruffle the feathers of 2 presidents?
Did I not get a chance to work with my idol?
Did I not make loui vuitton?
Did people not line up at the Yezzy store?
Did I not make the College Drop Out;
Late Registration
Blueprint I
Blueprint II
Blueprint III
Watch The Throne
Cruel Summer


Yeezus if you like it or not!


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