3. FISHING – I enjoy shopping now and then, but in this case fishing out ways the shopping! I had to ask myself if Fred, “That’s the boyfriend ButterBugs,” asked me what I wanted to do this weekend fish or go shopping…it would be fishing hands down!!! We can always go shopping later right 😉


5. COUNTRY – Ohhhh this was a hard one, I have an extreme fascination with the sky from the clouds, to the moon, to the stars. If i could see the stars in the city at night like I do when i’m in the country…CITY LIFE would have been my pick. CITY LIFE is pure fun…but that COUNTRY life adds a stability and a peace of mind you just can’t take for granted.

6. NIGHT OWL – just so you know some studies have shown that people who stay up late are more productive than early risers, and have more stamina throughout the length of their days. Other research has shown that night owls display greater reasoning and analytical abilities than their earlier-to-bed counterparts. Stay-up-late types, according to research, achieve greater financial and professional success on average than those people with earlier bedtimes and wake times.

7. Bryan High School

8. Candace Lashay Pittman – I always wanted my first name to be spelled like this though…Kandyce…hope my mom doesn’t get offended!

9. LEATHER – ummm LACE is itchy, and LEATHER make you sweat….but they’re both a sexy touch!

10. TACO BELL – I HATE MCDONALDS….It’s not good for you people!

11. WHISKY, WINE, AND NONE – It all depends on my mood!

12. I ROOT FOR THE UNDERDOG – In everything!

13. GOLD, BRONZE, GREEN, and RUSTIC – I’m an earth tone chick!

14. CAMERA SHY – people may take me as CAMERA HAM, just like they take me for stuck-up with out knowing me….but i’m pretty chill, private, and welcoming all at the same dang time!

15. HORSE – Even though I told Fred we need to get bikes the other day…..WHAT?…..don’t judge me!


Your turn to Answer….NO NEED to elaborate or explain…me on the other hand…I can’t help it! That’s why I blog!!!


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