Last week, I had the pleasure of attending an advanced screening for the movie Belle. This isn’t the time we’ve discussed this movie. Set in 18th century England, Belle chronicles the true story of Dido Elizabeth Belle, the biracial daughter of a British Naval officer and an African woman. Belle eventually becomes an heiress and even helps, indirectly to change the course of slavery in Great Britain and eventually throughout the world.

It’s written by a black woman, directed by a black women and features a black [biracial] woman as the lead. The film will be released into theaters in New York and Los Angeles this Friday, May 2 and will be expanding throughout the month of May.

(c) Madam Noire

Wile researching the film and reading critic reviews I ran across a comment I’d like to share with you…


“What a crock of bullshit! What the hell do you want for being so called bi-racial? If your mixed with Black blood or genes then tell a story of how so many Blacks in U.S are bi-racial, tri-racial and on and on. Tell the story of how dark skin blacks are treated differently from blacks that look like light skin or look damn near white or those blacks that look white. Bi-racial people that actually have light or white features do not have it as hard as blacks in this country.”


Von made some valid points in his ‘little’rant and I’m guessing he’s not light skin (Joking people, I’m Joking), but not really! I’m light skin and growing up, I’ve seen the difference in treatment between me and my peers who were darker than me first hand. I think what Von brought to the table would make for a great film. There’s plenty truth behind everything this man said, and I’m not mad at him for it. Ask and you shall receive…I’m sure this topic has been touched and is already written out as a screen play, I can tell you now…Hollywood will hold off on green lighting that for a while….Something like that would allow us to understand each other a bit more, make us come together, and I guarantee make us closer. It’s sad, but true…Many people don’t want to see us come together, and many people “AIN’T” ready to see us come together. All of us, hand in hand, would be so powerful – it’s scary…and the hands that be KNOW just that!

NOW take Von’s comment, and my opinion in for a moment….breath….exhale….

I didn’t mean to get all deep, so on a lighter note…

I’am so excited for this film…This is the type of role/film I long to be casted in.


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