Words From My’Mutha…

Thanks Mama!

“Red…I am so proud of the positive energy and words of hope that you display on Facebook and your Buttercusp website. I am so overwhelmed by most of your postings I’m in tears. It gives me joy to know that you’re spreading positivity to a generation that probably don’t hear it often. May God continue to enlighten you and strengthen you in your inner man.

Love you young lady”



Yes people, If you didn’t know, now you know, ‘Red’ is indeed my nickname. I sure hope my ‘Mother Teresa’ don’t ask me to take this down because this is a HIGH LIGHT of a LIFE-TIME people…it’s what every child aims for…that moment you make your parents proud. I know I’ve done it before, but I mean when you know you’ve really, really, and I mean really, made them proud. If this isn’t motivation, I need for someBODY, someWHERE, to slap me silly, and tell me what is!!! Oh man, she just don’t know….I’m just getting started!

And that’s the best part!!!


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