Only A select few will understand this…It’s much deeper than it seems. Many live, love, and react off of the surface and it should be deeper than that. Much deeper. Every little thing has a purpose and a reasoning in its being. From maggots to humans, purpose is living and is alive! Plant, animal, human, and anything in between. Everything here is meant for greatness. Once you stand outside and really take in the colors surrounding you, really inhale that air we take for granted, really take notice to the noise around you, really take in that gentle breeze caressing your face, really feel the softness of the grass beneath your feet, really admire not only the beautiful butterflies passing by, but even the worms hiding below the rocks, really take in the light the sun is feeding to our growth as a planet, as well as the beauty its giving to the horizons, and really admire the best picture God has stationed right above us….the strong glow from the moon and gleam from the stars, you’ll realize that this world is the best picture you’ve ever seen in your life. Every move you make should have a purpose and if you’re idle you should accept it as an opportunity to take in your surroundings. I guarantee some form of peace will resonate within you. You will begin to appreciate things you cared nothing about before, you’ll surprise yourself in wanting to know more about this feeling that’s awakening, and that your allowing yourself to feel. You will seek out more positivity unknowingly, you will care less about negative people, and negative situations. This world isn’t crazy, this world isn’t harming anyone, this world isn’t hindering you, this world is a gift, and its full of opportunity that we continue to take no notice of. As a people we’re not balanced with our nature….and balance is everything. When we begin to care about our world, you can’t help but to care about the creatures in it. Until then……only a select few will fully comprehend what I’m sharing with you and only a select few, of the select few, that comprehend what I’ve just shared with you, will care enough to step outside and add to the balance of our tomorrow.


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