NEVER Look Down on Someone, Unless You’re Helping Them Up!

I’d Like to share a few comments I came across after viewing the video:

Deven V-

Good for you for looking out for a friend in need, but the fact that the world is so monetarily driven, that the man is being suppressed because he simply doesn’t have as much “currency” as us makes me sick. It is so saddening to watch a grown man cry because he is under such stress and is enduring so much agony, we need to stop worrying about oil, and sending troops out of the country when we need to focus on ourselves, and helping the people who make out country what it is today!

Killer W-

What he just did shows that humans can be like angels, and can make life peaceful instead of the hatred and violence. People who dislike this just proved to me that some humans aren’t worth the effort to talk to or even mention, they show me that humanity has two roads: a road to enlightenment, and a road to destruction. Rahat, you are a hero, an idol, you have shown me the light in humanity, and the chance we all have to improve.

Gimpinmypants –

The money would have been better spent giving it to someone who is part of the working poor. A factory worker, a cashier, someone like that. A thousand dollars to a homeless man doesn’t really do anything. He’ll eat for a week or two, rent a hotel room for a few days, and then that’s it. But for someone who’s working poor they can spread that money farther. Maybe fix their broken car so they can get to work and drive their kid to school, make the money lasts. It feels good to help the people who are worst off but unless it’s enough money to get them off the street you’re just throwing the money away.

IN RESPONSE TO Gimpinmypants

Lindsey P-

Maybe the guy has tried to get a job, but to have a job you have to have an address, if that cash means he can rent some hotel, motel, dive or whatever for long enough to get a job surely that’s been better spent?? At least those who have a job (factory workers as you say) have a house and they are getting paid. You have to start at the bottom and work up man.

NOW my take on it:




Much RESPECT to Rahat also known as The Magician Prankster………Subscribe to his YouTube channel MagicofRahat NOW!!!


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