Be…..Everra’s “Helping Hands”

Everra was first diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma in 2003. After tirelessly searching for solution, doctors said a stem cell transplant was essential for her survival. Regardless of the cost Everra and her husband set there faith for the transplant. In the meantime Everra underwent countless chemo and radiation treatments , still she found refuge being a greeter at church; pouring out her love on others. This was an extension of the her being a dedicated RN over the past 20 years . Everra practiced in the medical profession in both California and Texas. In the Fall of 2013 Everra begin to see light at the end of a very dim tunnel ,when she learned a donor was found and her transplant was scheduled. She continued giving of her self until the day she was admitted into the hospital for the stem cell transplant.

Her determination to triumph over cancer was fueled with the hope of ” someday” being well enough to resume life with her beloved husband Leonard of 27 years(who never left her side) and their two children Krisha & LeVernon. She longed for a cancer free and most of all pain free life.

On December 10, 2013 The Lord set Everra free from cancer, and the suffering in her body, as she walked into eternity with Him.

Her strong faith in God saw her through the darkest days…she was always thankful , never using energy to complain or to have pity-parties.In the mist of it all she remained focused on positive things and Everra’s focus was fixated on a life” after cancer”.

Weeks after our sister’s passing we later came across paperwork, which proved, while she was looking after her patients and going about life she took time to start a foundation that she named “Helping Hands”. With this organization Everra planed to extend love and relief to families affected by this disease. She believed in helping others & that the weight wasn’t intended to be carried alone.
Everra passed away while running her race to beat cancer, and helping other along the way. Everra has ran the first leg of the race and when she stepped into eternity she passed the baton to us,as we support her in finishing the dream she has envisioned for ” Helping Hands”… Join people from all walks of life as we accept the baton and accomplish the portion of the race of Everra Bloom as a daughter, sister, wife, mother, caregiver ,friend and worshiper has dreamed of.

Will you run the next leg with us?

******Any and all donations will be appreciated. Please help us make refreshing-fresh lemonade with lemons…

(By the way Leonard, HAS NO CLUE OF THIS SURPRISE)

May The Lord bless you and yours.


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