The Wedding

The Wedding

This movie is amazing! It truly makes you open your eyes to the society we’ve become accustom to in making decisions based off of false values. Whether it be growing up and you were told to marry rich, or you can’t be an actor, or a rapper, because that’s not a real job. You need to be a lawyer, or you need to be a doctor, don’t date outside of your race, you have to wear this, and you need to talk like that. Whatever the case may be! To make a long point short…Our ancestors, our grandparents, and our parents have passed down insecurities which in return has taken away from our true wants and our true being…and what most of us do out of respect and the love we have for our loved ones is we follow the path they’ve made for us, rather than our hearts, and in effect we pass on the cycle of settling based off of these false values.

The theme as quoted in the movie is,

“Color is a false distinction, so is class, but not love.”

How ironic is it that this movie was based off of issues in 1953, and yet, it is the very theme of our everyday lives? True, we’re not dealing with color and class issues on such a significant level as they did in that time, but false distinctions are very much alive in this day and age, and they are triumphing love in a major way.

My Message to the world….

Let go of your false values, and VALUE YOUR HEART!


This two-part TV miniseries, adapted from Dorothy West’s novel The Wedding, takes a look at mid-century issues of race and class in well-to-do black society. On Martha’s Vineyard in 1953, debutante Shelby Coles (Halle Berry) stirs discord in her social-climbing family when she chooses to marry impoverished white musician Meade Howell (Eric Thal). At the Shelby family estate, weeks prior to the wedding, Meade informs her parents, Corinne and Clark Coles (Lynn Whitfield, Michael Warren), that his family won’t be attending the wedding, and the irony of upper-crust blacks being rejected by poor whites hangs heavy. In a later plot twist, the single black father (Carl Lumbly) of three mixed-race daughters takes a very strong interest in Shelby that quickly turns into an overly persistent pursuit.


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