Girl Who Read: Written and Performed by Mark Grist

I love, love, love this poem. Seriously, this video should be included in my Bio….(PAUSE)…Okay, it’s been added! Now back to the blog….I love this poem. It’s like this Mark Grist guy followed me around and decided to write Girl Who Read. The accuracy of his poem and video is mind blowing. It’s so sweet, it makes me smile, the flow is captivating, and just in case you’re wondering…YES! I read the back of cereal boxes. I enjoy the games, made up stories, and sweepstakes. If you really think about it, what else is there to look at when you’re eating cereal?!

You know, I’ll tell you ButterBugs one thing, Intelligence should be The BEAUTY, and Looks should definitely be The BEAST. A girl with wit, passion, and dreams is everything. Mark Grist said it, and me……..well, as you can see… I live it!


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