Shelving Unit

Shelving Unit

I love, love, love this shelving unit. I’ve always had an interest in interior design and I think this Shelving unit allows you to bring out your own unique style and individuality, which I think is key in any given situation; work, home, hobbies, fashion….trust me it’s needed. This tempered glass and metal bookcase is durable and it adds an open airy feeling, which is great for use when you have a limited amount of space and storage or on the flip side if you to have too much. Did I mention it’s affordable? 70 bucks isn’t bad, and personally I’d buy (2) and set them side by side as shown in the pic above. I happen to be a candle fanatic, so you’d definitely walk into a candle inspired shelving unit in my home. Improvise! What do you like; pictures, collectibles, decorative art, plants? If it needs a space, or you simply just have the space, this shelving unit is definitely worth your time, or in this case, your space!

Purchase VITTSJÖ Shelving Unit online at Ikea


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