I’m the type of…

I’m the type of boyfriend that isn’t afraid to go do shit for you. Need tampons/pads? I’ll get you some. Want me to hold your purse? I’ll hold your purse. Want me to go into “Victoria Secret” and help you pick out cute bras? I’ll go with you. Wanna kiss me when your sick? Go ahead. Want me to do your hair? I’m down. Want me to do stuff you like with you? Cool. You don’t want nothing for Christmas or your birthday? I don’t care I’m getting you something. You don’t want me to buy you nice things? I’m buying it. You’re craving chocolate on your period? I’ll get you some. You having cramps? Fine, I’ll rub your back. You don’t feel good? I’ll clean for you. You’re my girlfriend. I’m going to do EVERYTHING an ANYTHING to see a smile on your face.

Young Millie Earl


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